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Featured Horse: Northwind MHF - SOLD - Thank you Bennett Family!

"Newt" is an absolutely extraordinary haflinger in every way. He has animated, fluid movement with lots of reach. Freedom in front, engaged behind, soft and automatic in the bridle. Beyond easy to ride and easy to handle. No spook - absolutely solid. Mega sweetheart. Ultra modern. This is truly a multi-dimensional horse...he cleans up at shows and then hits the trail like a pro. High Score Division Champion in Dressage, undefeated his first time out in Western Dressage and Hunt Seat Under Saddle show winner! Has not received a dressage score less than 70%! Austrian Imported Sire and Dam out of Tudor Oaks Farm. Breeding doesn't get better than this and it shows! He's the kind of horse that brightens up the arena and puts a smile on your face. He is without a doubt, one of THE most fun horses you could ever ride. He is obedient, willing... and a blast to ride! Newt is currently in full time training and available for purchase. $12,500

Riding Newt Under Saddle

If there was an "Easy" button horse, Newt would be it. There are no spooks or games with him, he's just solid and safe. Very soft and easy to control. Responds nicely to the aids. Pivots on forehand and hindquarters and he has a great start to lateral work. Fantastic gaits. Solid W/T/C. He's also great to work with offsite at shows as well. He's the same horse away from home. He rides great inside, outside, in an arena or a big open field. He simply doesn't get excited by his surroundings. He's never bucked, bolted, reared or otherwise tried to unseat his rider. He's about as obedient as they come. He's an absolutely dream to ride!! Definitely youth and amateur friendly. Will take Training Level by storm this show season and will move up fast. He's a smart, willing partner who will easily and cheerfully move up the levels.

Video: Intro A & B Tests

Schooling Canter Video

Western Dressage - Cowboy Dressage: 76.1% (1st Place), USEF WD Intro Test 1: 70.357% (1st Place) and USEF WD Intro Test 2: 70.2% (1st Place)

Hunt Seat

Video: At Liberty & Hunt Seat Under Saddle

Riding Newt On the Trail

Newt is SO MUCH FUN! Rides great anywhere and it's nice knowing you can safely hit the trails! We even put out of town guests on Newt and he takes good care of them. He goes over ANYTHING - bridges, water, tarps, logs, platforms, washouts, you name it. He's definitely a water baby. He even backs into water! Good with other animals you may encounter along the way - cows, llamas, dogs, goats, etc. Newt's also good with 4-wheelers and traffic too. He feels fantastic, solid and safe out on the trail and is NOT SPOOKY. He's not the kind to spook or jump out from under you. You can ride him comfortably on a loose rein. Doesn't jig, rush home, no grass snatching - he's wonderful!

Video: Trail adventures...bridges, water, washouts, cows and a very persistent llama!

Bridges Cows Llamas

Water Wash-Outs Tarps & Poles

Ground Manners

Like everything else Newt does, he excels, and ground manners are no exception. There's no pushing or shoving or rushing the handler. He's polite at gates. He can stand tied all day (like at a show) and doesn't pull or set back. He's also easy to clip - ears included - no twitching required. No issues with the deworming tube. Good for the farrier and vet. Easy to catch. Easy to tack up. Hops right in and out of the trailer.

Video: Trail adventures...bridges, water, washouts, cows and a very persistent llama!

Bridges Cows Llamas

Newt is 6 years old and sticks at 14.2-1/2hh. Registered with AHR. Newt can be pastured alone or with a herd. He's very sweet and social. He is UTD on coggins, deworming and vaccinations including: West Nile, EWT, Rhino, Flu, Strep and Rabies until Fall 2014. Just floated December, 2013. Newt has great bone, healthy hooves and clear eyes (vet checked with Ophthalmic exam). He is barefoot and sound. Has previously been shod. He has no history of colic, founder or skin diseases. He also sweats good and drinks lots of water. He healthy as the proverbial horse!

See Photo Gallery in Newt's album for additional pictures, scans of papers and vet docs!

Austrian Imported Sire: Neumeister TOF